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We use the newest technology equipment, have professional approach, are absolutely reliable and apply the latest technological techniques.
Our plastics press is equipped with the most modern injection moulding machines for thermoplastic injection, and the weight of the pressed pieces is between 20 g and 2500 g. We use 10 press machines with closing force between 200 tons and 1050 tons, from the renowned producers ENGEL and MITSUBISHI. engel
wittmann_150text Parts of the injection moulding machines are automated robots from the WITTMANN company for picking up plastic pressed pieces. We use two fixed portal cranes with the weight 7.4 tons and 12.5 tons.
We dose the material – granulated product by means of central transportation to all places with a central source of vaccum, continuous drying, cleaning, filtration and treatment from the company MOTAN. For cooling the technological water for the system of injection press machines - moulds we use cooling technology from the company RHOSS. motan_150s_text
rhoss_150text The internal circuit is equipped with a cooling water treatment plant from the company EUROWATER to assure the long lifespan of moulds. For tempering the intake systems of the moulds we use electric tempering tools ToolTemp.